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Physiology is the science of the function of living systems. This includes how organisms, organ systems, organs, cells, and bio-molecules carry out the chemical or physical functions that exist in a living system. It is the study of the functional processes that collectively constitute life. The studies usually employ quantitative analyses of normal life processes, of pathological defects in normal life processes, of model systems to clarify and test basic physiological principles, and of functional specializations of organisms that have evolved under the influence of differing selective forces. Thus, physiology contributes importantly to advances in knowledge both in the basic biological sciences and in biomedical sciences and provides an essential foundation for the practice of medicine.

Mission of Physiology

The mission of the Department of Physiology is to advance the understanding of physiology, movement, and animal health through fundamental and applied research, education, and service. We provide opportunities for outstanding learning, research, and active engagement with the community, in order to improve animal health.

Physiology Program is to train a new generation of physiologists who apply modern knowledge in molecular and cellular biology and systems physiology to important questions in organismic function. Students learn to conceptualize physiological questions across several levels of organization and to understand how research strategies incorporating each of the levels of analysis can be formulated. This approach to physiological education is responsive to the need for physiologists who can intellectually and technically span disciplines related to physiology that are typically separated.

Coursework consists of formal instruction in the most current information in molecular biology, cell biology, and the molecular and cellular foundations of physiology. In addition, students identify an area of emphasis in biophysics, cellular and molecular biology, or integrative/comparative physiology in which additional studies are pursued. The heart of the program, however, is the research that leads to the dissertation, which is performed under the guidance of the departmental mentors.

Vision of Physiology

Academic staffs, students, officers will advance understanding of, and make a positive impact on, a broad range of health challenges.
Our core values and ideologies:

  •   Excellence and innovation in teaching and research
  •   Leadership of the discipline
  •   Active engagement with community
  •   Knowledge translation
  •   Ethical and responsible academic and global citizens
  •   Inspirational mentorship to all levels of students and trainees

Department Head

Dr. Afrina  Mustari
Dr. Afrina Mustari
Contact No : 01703177893
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